Dellendale Creamery

Dellendale Creamery is a small cheesemaking factory in Denmark WA, with a long history in the dairy industry.

In 1993, Chris Vogel purchased the family dairy farm from his Dad, Chris went on to an apprenticeship, and then Bachelor degree in Dairy Science in Switzerland, working in 7 factories over a 10 year period to gain a broad experience of cheesemaking techniques.
He returned to the Dellendale Farm and started producing small batches of cheeses in 2010 as a weekend project, and Dellendale Creamery was born. Chris enjoys the challenge and complexity of making consistently yummy cheeses in the face of seasonal changes to milk features, linked to the grass and feed of his neighbour’s cows. He appreciates the diversity in how artisanal cheesemakers bring their own style and new ideas to the making of old-style cheeses. Chris has been experimenting with different bacterial cultures and moulds, which break down proteins and ripen cheese, and using Australian native herbs and spices as washes.

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