Herdsman Breakfast Box




2x ham cheese croissants
1x plain croissant
2x cheese pretzels
4 × waffles
1x pack mini marcels pancakes
1 × Chocolate dipping sauce
1 x mini rhubarb Jam
1 × Blueberry muffin
350 g × Grapes
1x punnet Blueberries
1x punnet Strawberries sml
200g × Pretzels
1 × small Maple syrup

Pick up your selections in store. Our Delicatessen is located at the rear left-hand side of the store.

If you experience any difficulties with our online ordering system please call (08) 9383 7733 or email orderonline@theherdsman.com.au and one of our team will contact you.

The Herdsman Market Team